SCAD Weekly Newsletter - Rocks and Chocolate: Tender Memories… by Steven May
Take your basic childhood experience, add a pinch of hard-times, mix it with a dedicated storyteller, and you’re likely to discover a heart-warming film about the true meaning of love.   Full text >>

The Jury Comments - Rochester International Film Festival
"Rocks and Chocolate" is a short, very touching film... very well written, directed and acted...   Full text >>

Film Threat Reviews - Rocks And Chocolate by Rory L. Aronsky
One of the best things about this here writing gig is feeling as if you’ve discovered something wonderful in the films you watch. ...the film is eligible for submission to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to compete for an Oscar due to awards received at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and the Athens International Film and Video Festival. Here’s hoping that it goes all the way toward that high honor! Full text >>

Austin Chronicle - South by Southwest Narrative Shorts Review   by Marcel Meyer
Teddy Sharkova's "Rocks and Chocolate" ... a mostly satisfying story of a father-daughter relationship... Full text >>

Viewer's review - Teddy's film... by Bonnie Callipare
I wanted to watch Rocks and Chocolate several times, alone, so that I could really take it in... Full text >>

The Flick Filosopher - Day by Day at Tribeca Film Festival by MaryAnn Johanson
Teddy Sharkova's "Rocks and Chocolate" is a bittersweet tale of love amidst desperation... Full text >>

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